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Projected polyurethane insulation for floors: Phono Spray S-907

Floor slabs are elements to be taken into account in acoustic solutions, as a room is usually delimited by two of them: the upper and the lower one. Projected polyurethane systems are an optimal material to insulate slabs against airborne or impact noise, both in renovations and new works.

Synthesia Internacional's Phono Spray S-907 is a projected polyurethane system designed to improve the acoustic insulation of buildings, especially regarding impact noise in floors and slabs, which complies with current noise protection regulations.

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The PhonoSpray S-907 polyurethane system

Phono Spray S-907 is a two-component thermo-acoustic polyurethane system: polyol and isocyanate, which contains no foaming agents that may damage the ozone layer. The system is applied by "in situ" projection, obtaining open cell foam of medium density (55-65 kg/m3). due to its porosity and elasticity, it is an ideal material to insulate floors or slabs against impact noise.

There are many advantages of its use, such as

  • Suppression of thermal bridges,
  • Good adhesion to the substrate
  • Ease of mobility, not having to transport or store bulky products as in the case of other insulation materials.

DOWNLOAD. Technical sheets of acoustic systems


Application of the Phono Spray S-907 system

This system is applied by casting with high pressure equipment, equipped with heating, with a mixing ratio of 1:1 in volume. Its main appilcation is the improvement of sound insulation against noise, especially impact noise in horizontal partitions.

The recommended temperature in hoses is 30ºC to 50ºC depending on environmental conditions and the minimum recommended temperature of the substrate during injection is 5ºC.

The adhesion of the Phono Spray S-907 system is excellent with all the materials used in construction (concrete, ceramics, laminated gypsum, wood, etc.) provided they are clean, dry and free of dust and grease.

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S-907 Phono Spray Tests

Acoustic insulation tests

Airborne noise insulation tests have been carried out in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 140-3:1995 and impact noise tests in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 140-6:1999 and UNE-EN ISO 140-8:1998 on a floating floor made of mortar and projected with Phono Spray S-907 on standardized concrete slab.

Separating element

∆L (dB)

Lnw (dB)

Rw (dBA)

Standard Slab Concrete 15 cm + Phono Spray S-907 2 cm + Mortar 5 cm





In situ acoustic insulation tests

 Separating element

LnTw (dB)

FORGING + Phono Spray S-907 2 cm + Mortar 5 cm


FORGING + Phono Spray S-907 3 cm + Mortar 4 cm 



The following video shows the application of the Phono Spray S-907, an optimal solution for floor and slab insulation:




Do you want to know the technical features of our thermoacoustic insulation solutions? Download the document below or contact us to receive more information about Synthesia Technology's polyurethane systems for thermoacoustic insulation:

DOWNLOAD. Technical sheets of acoustic systems

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