Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Projected polyurethane systems for facades and partition walls

The acoustic insulation of facades and partition walls of a building is essential to guarantee the quality of life of its occupants.

Among a multitude of materials with which we can insulate facades, projected polyurethane is presented as an optimal material to insulate buildings against external and internal noise.



The problems of traditional insulation systems

The insulation systems that have traditionally been regarded as the only acoustic solutions on the market have three key problems in their application for the construction of vertical elements in new buildings:

  • The need for auxiliary elements.
  • The settlement of the material itself.
  • The lack of continuity.

Projected polyurethane is a thermoacoustic insulation system that solves this problem as it expands from the first application, generating a continuous insulation that covers 100% of the surface of facades or partition walls between buildings during its construction.


Phono Spray S-904: acoustic insulation for facades and partition walls

Phono Spray S-904 is an open-cell low-density projected polyurethane system, mainly used for thermoacoustic insulation to airborne noise of different building solutions of facades and partition walls. The characteristics of the product are the following:

  • Due to its porosity and elasticity, it is an absorbent material in the intermediate gaps of double constructive solutions, with acoustic absorption coefficient α = 0.5.
  • It is an open-cell low-density foam with applied density <20 kg / m3.
  • Resistance to air flow: r = 5-6 kPa s / m2.
  • Dynamic rigidity: s' = 4.83 MN / m3.
  • It is a good thermal insulation system: λ = 0.036 W / m K.
  • Reaction to fire (UNE-EN 13501-01: 2002) in final application of use: EUROCLASE B S1 D0.


In the video below you can watch the application of the product Phono Spray S-904:




Real cases and solutions for insulation of facades and partition walls

To learn all the details about real cases and solutions concerning the use of this polyurethane system, download the Guide of thermoacoustic insulation solutions.

Thermoacoustic insulation solutions

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