Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Improving the insulation of a building by injecting polyurethane into air gaps

When facing the challenge of restoring a house or a building, owners see it as a expenditure of money that will not be recovered and professionals a challenge due to, among other aspects, the great diversity of insulating materials in the market.

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Polyurethane profiles for windows: an optimal choice

The current trend in architecture is to achieve more sustainable and energy-efficient buildings. The aim is to reduce the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere, while also increasing the economic viability of homes.

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Insulation with polyurethane systems: an ally of energy efficiency

The reduction of energy consumption in buildings is becoming more and more important. With the great demands of energy that we have today, it is presented as a finite element. In addition, the production of energy in such quantities generates most of the pollution...

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Polyurethane systems for surfboards: light and resistant

There are more and more people everyday who practise surf, a sport in which polyurethane systems are very present. Since the Polynesians used in ancient times similar boards to the current ones in order to move from one island to the other or since the first sport...

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The behavior of polyurethane systems as thermal insulation

Synthesia Internacional is a manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane systems that have multiple applications in the building sector and in other relevant sectors such as the industry. The most popular polyurethane applications used in construction are by...

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The comfort of polyurethane foam for cinema seats

Since the Lumière brothers made the first movie pass at the end of the 19th century or Alice Guy made the first narrative film, movie theaters have undergone many changes thanks to  theseveral technological advances that took place. Technology, together with the...

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Polyurethane system for roof waterproofing with ETA

Urespray P-500 is a polyurethane elastomer used to waterproof and protect all types of surfaces. This system has received the European Technical Assessment (ETA Nº 16/0153).

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