Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Polyurethane systems in thermal tanks

Rigid polyurethane foam is recognized in the market as the material that provides an optimal insulation in multiple applications.

Its versatility in the manufacturing process can be adapted to the surfaces in a unique way, providing the performance required in each...

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Low density polyurethane insulation Polyurethane Spray S-OC-010

Low-density polyurethane systems are suitable for improving the thermal-acoustic insulation of homes. There are numerous advantages in their use, such as the elimination of thermal bridges, good adhesion to the substrate and ease of mobility, as we don’t have to...

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Fire resistant polyurethane insulation Polyuretan Spray RF-351-C

Polyurethane systems are fire-safe and need to be classified according to their end-use application. This allows us to have true information and as close as possible to their real behaviour in case of fire. The end-use application takes into account joints, fixings,...

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Low density polyurethane systems

Low density polyurethane systems are insulation systems that provide a total suppression of thermal bridges, since they avoid the formation of joints or cracks and they offer a good adhesion to the substrate, so it is not necessary to use glues or adhesives for...

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Polyurethane systems with high fire resistance

Polyurethane systems with high fire resistance offer a totally safe insulation in building construction, both structurally speaking and for the safety of its occupants. The false myths surrounding this type of insulation must not be taken into account as shown by...

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How to carry out polyurethane reception

Since November 2014, it is mandatory to present the CE Marking and Performance Declaration of polyurethane systems:

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Phono Spray I-905

Injection moulded polyurethane insulation for facades: Phono Spray I-905

Injected polyurethane is an ideal material for thermo-acoustic renovations of façades and dividing walls between dwellings, since it does not require large machinery for its installation and it is not necessary to demolish constructive elements.

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