Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Optimum thickness for polyurethane: application conditions

The high insulating capacity of polyurethane is not achieved in construction with any other commonly used insulating materials. This special characteristic is due to the structure of small cells formed by the foam and to the composition of the insulating gas...

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Polyurethane adhesion according to application surface

Projected polyurethane presents a magnificent adhesion on consistent, clean and dry substrates and, in general, to all the materials used in building. It should not be forgotten that polyurethane foam was discovered during a research on a kind of glue.

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The optimum thickness of the polyurethane according to insulation requirements

Knowing the insulation needs of the building is fundamental to improve the energy efficiency of the building and to allow buildings to make a more intelligent use of energy. Therefore, designing the envelope with the optimum thickness of insulation is the best...

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Thermal insulation for flat covers: typologies and recommendations

Flat covers, as its name implies, are those that are composed of one or more skirts with an inclination of less than 5%. This flatness makes it easier for people to go over them.

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The most demanded solutions to isolate floors acoustically

Noise inside dwellings is very common, but depending on the materials used and the insulation performed, it can be more or less intense. The shuffling of chairs, the crying of a baby, the noise of the washing machine, the conversations ... even the noise of snoring...

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Waterproofing of roofs: basic aspects

The main threat affecting the envelops are leaks, whose consequences are often insidious as the symptoms may take time to manifest. To such an extent that, on many occasions, the cover is not operated until these leaks are detected in the lower houses, with the...

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Phono Spray I-905

Injection moulded polyurethane insulation for facades: Phono Spray I-905

Injected polyurethane is an ideal material for thermo-acoustic renovations of façades and dividing walls between dwellings, since it does not require large machinery for its installation and it is not necessary to demolish constructive elements.

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