Polyurethane Systems for building and industry

Polyurethane systems with high fire resistance

Polyurethane systems with high fire resistance offer a totally safe insulation in building construction, both structurally speaking and for the safety of its occupants. The false myths surrounding this type of insulation must not be taken into account as shown by...

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Disadvantages of discontinuity of polyurethane application

Discontinuity in the application of polyurethane can seriously result in heating and cooling energy losses. That is why, during the processes of application of this insulating material, it is necessary to respect the order of execution, otherwise we could generate...

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Climatic conditions that must be taken into account when applying polyurethane

Rigid polyurethane foam is a rotproof, mildew and detritus resistant, odourless and impure substance as well as a chemically neutral product. It is also resistant to the commonly used materials in construction and biochemically inert. It also shows great resistance...

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How to inject polyurethane correctly

The application of injected polyurethane is mainly used in the filling of air chambers in façades or partition walls in buildings, mainly those which have been renovated, and this in order to obtain good thermal sound insulation. In these cases, great care must be...

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How to properly apply projected polyurethane

In order to apply the projected polyurethane correctly, we should take a series of factors into account, ranging from atmospheric conditions and machine adjustments to the types and forms of applications.

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Fire safety of polyurethane systems

Polyurethane, like all polymers, is an organic material and therefore combustible. However, there are polyurethane foams classified from C, s3-d0 to E, which must be applied according to the risk to which they will be exposed and in accordance with the requirements...

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Phono Spray I-905

Injection moulded polyurethane insulation for facades: Phono Spray I-905

Injected polyurethane is an ideal material for thermo-acoustic renovations of façades and dividing walls between dwellings, since it does not require large machinery for its installation and it is not necessary to demolish constructive elements.

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